Séminaire «Penser (avec et par) le tourisme»

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Le prochain séminaire «Penser (avec et par) le tourisme», organisé par le groupe de recherche Cultures et Natures du Tourisme de l’Institut de Géographie et Durabilité de l’université de Lausanne, aura lieu jeudi 27 avril, de 15h à 17h, en visioconférence.

Karin Topsø Larsen, senior researcher et Rikke Brandt Broegaard human geographer, tous deux du Centre for Regional and Tourism Research de Bornholm interviendront sur “Part-time rural voluntary populations – a translocal approach to local development.”


The talk takes its point of departure in previous and ongoing research which explores how increased mobilities and fluid temporalities of work, leisure and tourism are transforming attractive rural destinations into spaces of engagement. Empirically, the work has focused on studying the phenomena of how part-time residents and (other) tourists have engaged themselves in varied local community projects in several attractive Danish and Swedish island destinations. Studies of what motivates these voluntary part time populations found a number of `platforms of engagement´ spanning from economic investments in local energy transition and organic farming projects, over cultural heritage restoration activities, to summer business entrepreneurs and into the realm of music and sports. We also found that interaction with more `full-time´ residents is a significant motivational factor, signifying that invitations into local communities are important if translocal development potentials are to be realised. Finally, the talk discusses planning aspects, arguing that local governance actors need to take processes of unequal mobilities and gentrification into consideration when interacting with local populations (fulltime, part-time or otherwise connected) about planning and place development issues.

Karin Topsø Larsen is a senior researcher at the Centre for Regional- and Tourism Research. She holds a M.A. and a PhD in Geography and Planning. Her research focuses on local and regional development in challenged localities, mostly rural and peripheral areas. The role of unequal mobilities in local and translocal development has been an interest of her over a longer period, starting with youth mobilities and the spatial infrastructures formed by particular education systems. In the past few years, this has expanded into critical studies on temporary residents in attractive rural spaces and their role in community development.

Rikke Brandt Broegaard is a human geographer with a PhD in international development studies. She works with community development, rural areas, natural resource management and inequality, both in Denmark, Scandinavia and in the Global South. In a Nordic context, her research focuses on rural development and peripheralization processes, including place-making and translocal connections, and with special attention to the role of micro-entrepreneurs, including in the tourism sector. She works at the Centre for Regional and Tourism Research, Bornholm.

Informations pratiques

  • 15h-16h: interventions de Karin Topsø Larsen et Rikke Brandt Broegaard
  • 16h-17h: questions et débat

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