University of Caen Normandy

The University of Caen Normandy is a major player and driver of the development of higher education and research in Normandy. This multidisciplinary institution hosts over 32,000 students across 12 different entities (French UFRs, i.e., training and research units, schools and institutes). Historically based in Caen, the university also has roots across a wider territory, with several campuses in the greater Caen area as well as throughout the region in Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, Alençon, Lisieux, Saint-Lô and Vire.

UNICAEN not only leverages the strengths of the region such as the coastline, cross-channel connections and a fast route to the capital, but also offers attractive cultural and sporting activities. The region also benefits from a strong cultural tradition, exemplified both by major international events (celebrations of the Battle of Normandy, international equestrian competitions, Grande Armada and so on) and by the diversity of its heritage sites (Mont Saint Michel – The Eighth Wonder of the World, Château de Caen, the Mémorial pour la Paix, impressionist painting etc.)

Ambitious in the field of research, UNICAEN draws on its scientific cooperation with ENSICAEN (advanced school of engineering), the GANIL (Large Heavy Ion National Accelerator) research centre, the biomedical imaging platform CYCERON, the CHU (University Hospital) and the François Baclesse regional cancer research centre. Testament to the university’s strong regional roots and outward-looking approach, these partnerships promote the development of projects of excellence. They ensure the research units’ engagement with national and international research networks and programmes. The university boasts 45 research units, 21 of which are certified by major bodies (CNRS, INRA, INSERM, CEA). It has a department dedicated to technology development and transfer, as well as units dedicated to the setting up of national, European and international projects.