Rennes 2 University

Rennes 2 University is the largest research and higher education centre in the arts, humanities, languages and human and social sciences in western France. It was established in 1969, based on the former humanities department of the University of Rennes, which dates back to the founding of the Université Ducale de Bretagne in 1460 in Nantes. The university has committed to establishing a major, internationally recognised research and training university by launching the University of Rennes (UNIR) project, bringing together seven of the city’s institutions.

Rennes 2 hosts 23,000 students, including 3,000 resuming their studies, in 24 teaching departments, and has 21 research units. It works closely with the CNRS to generate knowledge and institutional recognition for our four joint research units. Jointly conducted research has established Rennes 2 as a reference centre to be reckoned with, primarily in the following fields: Physical and social geography; Sports sciences; History; Art, Archaeology and Literature; Psychology; Regional language studies; Education sciences; and Socio-economics and sustainable development. The university also focuses on a number of cross-cutting themes, across several of its research units, including in particular: the body, gender and violence; book culture; reflection on the value and impact of the social and human sciences; and digital humanities.

As a source of dynamism and creativity, the teaching and research fields at Rennes 2 University enable its community, both student and scientific, to participate actively in major societal issues. The university is the hub of a rich and continually renewed cultural life thanks to the initiatives and activities of its community, to its facilities and to its partnerships with major cultural sites in the city and the region.