La Rochelle University

Entrepreneurial and innovative, and committed to its public service mission, La Rochelle University stands out for its ability to integrate its graduates into the professional word, the excellence and partnership-based approach of its research teams and its close links with the business world.

The university has established a true scientific identity that is recognised worldwide. Since its foundation in 1993, La Rochelle University has made great strides in the field of research, constituting a vast pool of experts for the region. La Rochelle University conducts top-class research renowned and recognised at the highest national and international level, both in single fields and across multiple disciplines. The aim is to mobilise research efforts around a label that addresses the challenges facing society: environmental transition, energy transition and digital transformation. In keeping with this distinctive trait, La Rochelle University promotes a complementary and multi-disciplinary approach to tackling the major societal challenges, all while reinforcing its scientific excellence in the disciplinary fields for which it is recognised through its laboratories. The university develops its expertise in various disciplines, excelling particularly in the fields of environment, digital technology, engineering and human sciences.

This rich and varied research has led La Rochelle University to cultivate its own institutional mindset, while also promoting the wealth of its expertise at the international level. Further examples of its dynamism include recognition by the CNRS of three laboratories, three research federations and one joint service unit, the presence of six observatories and, more recently, the founding a CNRS-EDF (French electric utility company) joint laboratory. This shared success is to be credited to the researchers, research lecturers and the whole team of support staff. The work of doctoral students has a central place within this dynamic and contributes to the quality of research and its dissemination.