Occupancy rate

Number of beds occupied during a given period out of the total tourist accommodation (classified and/or non-classified accommodation) considered. An annual, monthly, or weekly percentage is obtained. This indicator is valuable for capturing the seasonality of the occupancy of the accommodation and/or destination.

If an accommodation is full during the week and empty during the weekend, it is an establishment for business travellers. A high occupancy rate on Saturdays and Sundays would indicate short tourist stays. Over the year, peaks in winter (especially February) and summer (July-August) would point to the presence of a season or a double season. Other high occupancy rates during the year may indicate either school holidays or family celebrations, such as Christmas, as well as special events in a specific place: the month of May in Cannes and around during the film festival.

The most frequented places generally have high occupancy rates throughout the year as they may host various types of customers (tourism, business, etc.).